Typical Insurance agent, or is it?

This blog post is my personal experience with the various insurance companies, so some of you might find it boring. It is more to my personal record. As some of you know, I am in the process of buying a new car. Part of this exciting, and definitely exhausting, process is to choose the right […]

Great article by SEOMoz

I very much enjoy reading the SEOMoz blog, although I do not consider myself an SEO expert. My expertise focuses more on the SMM and SEM part of Inbound Marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is completely different than what I do (although I do try to learn as much about it). However, I still […]

The Big Pink Elephant

A few weeks ago my friend Rena and I spoke on the phone, discussing some Marketing 1.0 vs. Marketing 2.0 issues. At the end of the conversation, Rena asked me to write an article pretending I was a consumer talking to Marketing 1.0 CEOs, Marketing directors, and some other high positions executives. The result was […]

My first Blog post

This Blog is about my thoughts and opinions regarding different topics anywhere from Marketing, Olympic weightlifting, food, to conversations about trips, movies, and books. This is my sphere, and I welcome you to read more about it. Tweet