The pillars of a good Marketing Plan

Yesterday, August 26th, T-Mobile unveiled its new Android myTouch marketing campaign. I took this opportunity to watch the TV advertising video on YouTube, and two words kept ‘ringing’ in my head, Creativity and Originality, or should I say lack of creativity and lack of originality. The way I see it, the ad was no different […]

From a Diary of a SMM Strategist.

As part of my effort to explain people the power of SMM, SEM, and SEO, I come across some interesting discussions and opinions that I thought would be interesting of sharing with you. One of these discussions occurred yesterday, when I conversed with a client of mine about how to engage his students using online […]

@BestBuy shocking experience.

Part 1, Introduction Last weekend Irm and I decided to purchase a portable GPS. Even though some of our friends recommended us to just use a printed map, which I thought was too much early 2000 (i.e. MapQuest printed paper), we decided that for convenience reasons it is better that we go with the portable […]

The “work for free” strategy

I was inspired to write this post after reading Seth’s blog post, “Free work vs. Internship. I am not going to review Seth’s post, as profound as I think it is, but rather share with you my own thought and personal experience using this type of strategy. Shortly after my graduation in 2004 (maybe an […]

Google Voice

I have been wanting to Blog about this last week, but I needed some time to test it a little bit more before I could review it. Google Voice is GREAT! I love it.  Getting spam phone calls always get me mad, and Gvoice seems to be the perfect solution. What it does is simple, […]

Movie review: The Yacoubian Building

I am a big fan of Egyptian movies. I remember that as a kid growing up in Israel I used to watch Egyptian movies every Friday at 5:00 in the afternoon with my parents. It was when Israel had only one TV channel, and watching the Egyptian movie on a Friday was quite the tradition […]

NASA project review

Human space flight is associated with losses in muscle strength, bone mineral density and aerobic capacity. The ability to estimate the physical cost of exploration tasks, monitor crew health and fitness, and to provide effective hardware for exercise countermeasures use will be valuable in supporting safe and successful space exploration. A few weeks ago my […]

HootSuite, product review

I started using HootSuite as my main Twitter tool, and I have to admit that I really like it. It did not take too much of my time to understand all of the features it offers, of which I find a plus since I have zero tolerance for incompetency when it comes to new services and […]

Some things never change

Less than a week ago I conducted a research for a car insurance online. As expected, I “landed” on pages that required me to share plenty of information, that I reluctantly provided.  While doing so, the thought of Spam direct mail crossed my mind. Surly enough, 3 days after I submitted the information, I received […]

The experience of buying a new car

This weekend we finally bought our first new car, a Honda CR-V (see picture below). I like the CR-V for many good reasons,  and one of these reasons is the way it handles the road. Even though it is considered to be a SUV, it handles curvy roads as if it were a sedan. I […]