1923-2009 Have the Rules of Marketing Really Changed?

I read a very interesting blog post the other day, which made me think about the basic principals of SMM. Briefly, the discussed post suggested that the basic principals of SMM are in fact not new, as some suggest, and date back to the early 20th century. This made me thinking. Early 20th century is […]

Book Review: Marketing 2.0

Marketing 2.0 is a meticulous work of an author who took the extra mile to explain the dynamics of Social Media Marketing, and give a thorough analysis of what works and what does not work in Social Media today. In contrast to other books in the Social Media Marketing field, Marketing 2.0 relies heavily on using […]

Marketing 2.0 vs. Marketing 1.0 (part 2)

There is no doubt that choosing to use a Marketing 2.0 strategy for your business is a faster, less expensive and more efficient way to strengthen the relationship with your customers and promote your brand. On my previous article I argued that some of the Marketing 1.0 techniques can still play a role in a […]

Marketing 2.0 vs. Marketing 1.0 (part 1)

The Marketing 2.0 community has concluded that Marketing 1.0 is history, and suggested that companies should embrace this welcomed change, and take advantage of this opportunity to save money on marketing expenses by using free marketing tools that are available online. The Marketing 2.0 community’s claim is that Marketing 1.0 uses outdated marketing techniques (i.e. […]

Inbound Marketing, power to the people!

One of the reasons I love Inbound Marketing is because of its ability to reach a massive amount of users in a matter of seconds. This could be a great tool if you know your ways in Inbound Marketing ‘land’. It can also be a damaging tool to a brand if their customers know how […]