How To Manage All of Your Facebook Friends

You finally managed to reach your goal of more than a 300 friends on Facebook, but now you are facing a dilemma: How do you manage to track all these friends? Fortunately there is a solution. Facebook lets you divide all of your friends into small segments, or ‘lists’ (e.g. Family, Best friends, College friends, […]

IMU Class Review: Advance Marketing Analytics

I really enjoyed yesterday’s IMU Advance Marketing Analytics class. Professor Avinash Kaushik gave an outstanding lecture of how to use Google analytics to measure your website’s success, and a great explanation of what to do if your website does not “take off” as you expected. There was one part during the lecture, however, that made […]

Starting Your Own Blog? A Few Tips To Get You Started

A friend of mine decided to start her own Blog writing  about food, recipes, and different type of cuisines. Being an Inbound Marketer, I thought it was a great idea and encouraged her to do so. However, during our conversation she raised a few questions about what to do, and what tips she needs to keep […]

Inbound Marketing & Middle Eastern Hospitality

Last night we went out to a very good, very casual, and very Middle Eastern (Lebanese/Palestinian) restaurant located in Skillman, NJ. We were quite hungry, so we decided to follow our Middle Eastern “cultural instinct” and order a variety of items to the table (translation: lots of food). Normally at this kind of situation, any […]

Misunderstanding of Social Media Marketing

I attended a talk today at Princeton University titled “Blogs, Lulz, and Tweets: Social Media Comes to Princeton“. This is a summary of what I liked and did not like or disagreed with during talk. Liked: I liked the fact that Princeton University is aware of the power of Social Media Marketing,  trying to promote […]

CEO’s and Their Dilemma With SMM

Occasionally, when I get the opportunity to promote and explain Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to people, I will get to talk to some  CEO’s in different fields and discuss the great opportunities SMM and SEM can generate to their businesses.  To my surprise, there is one question that is common […]

Links, and What You Need to Know About Them

Last week I engaged in a marketing conversation with one of my colleagues discussing “links” on your website. It was totally a random conversation, but nonetheless a very interesting one, which inspired me to summarize the conversation to a blog post. So these are the points you need to know about “links”: You need to […]