From My Marketing Diary: Inbound Marketing Thoughts

As I travel through my journey of learning Inbound Marketing, I cannot stop but thinking how lucky I am to live in such a great era, and be a part of a unique generation that is literally changing the way companies engage their customers, and the way that we as people engage each other. I […]

From A Diary of A SMM Manager: Creating A SMM Platform

The social media marketing platform I worked on for past three days is finally done. This post is mainly about my thoughts during the “building” process, a diary if you will of what I have done. I spent an average of 12 hours a day working, thinking, developing and creating the SMM platform, and I […]

Ignorance And Other Mistakes

Traditional PR still exists, and it is uglier than I thought. Last week, while driving to Trader Joe’s, I happened to listen to a talk show on NPR and was stunned by what I heard. They were interviewing a “famous”  blogger (I wasn’t familiar with his name) who was talking, and raving, about the (in)famous […]

Mac vs. PC, an Inbound Marketing Purchase Experience

I am finally back to writing after a very long period (for me anyway)of 10 days without a computer. The only way I could communicate with the outside social media world is by using my iPod touch, which was not fun at all (especially in the morning when I go through my RSS reading). I […]

Teaching My Mom How To Facebook… From 7000 Miles Away!

My mom wanted to learn what Facebook is all about, and how can she start her own account? In normal circumstances, this could be a very easy problem to solve. Simply log on to, add your personal information, activate your account and start ‘Facebooking’ (hmmm, interesting word). But this was not a normal circumstance. […]