The “Flip” (Product Review)

The Flip is a small camcorder that let’s you film 1 to 2 hours (depending on the model) of high definition digital video. No software needed , no cables needed, and no irritating experience…hmm, I doubt the latter if you are a PC owner (thank god I am not). I read a lot about the “Flip” […]

My Take On Google Wave (Review)

I have been “using” Google Wave for over 2 months now. I write “using” because even though I had the privilege (good job Google for making us desire the product so much, that now I call it a “privilege”) of using the service, I did not know enough people who A) had Google Wave, and […]

Promoting Peace Using Social Media

This post is not about politics, but rather my fascination as a marketer by the way social media marketing infiltrated to almost every aspect of our life, including the following example. When you think about peace, and more specifically peace processes, what usually comes to mind are serious faces, world known leaders with expensive suits, […]

Discovering How To Get RTs By Learning From A Bird!

I was watching the New England Patriots game today (broke my heart again), and suddenly I was interrupted by a single tweet sound coming behind me. A bird (a cardinal to be specific) has just landed on our bird house, and was enjoying the wonderful sunflower seeds I filled the day before. Soon after, another […]

The “Square”

I am very excited about the “arrival” of the Square. It was announced today on both Mashable and Techcrunch, and I truly see it changing the way we do business, and more importantly how convenient the process of online purchasing will turn into. Ironically, in the past week I processed a few thoughts about the […]

Thanksgiving Week

I am finally back writing after a crazy week at work, and of course preparing our Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner was great! We invited a few friends over, and decided to celebrate the holiday with a little “twitch”. To begin with, we had no turkey at all. In fact, we did not have ANY traditional […]