Putting The iPad In The Right Perspective

For the past year now, just like many other tech geeks, I followed the numerous rumors covering the biggest event of the year, the upcoming (now released) Apple iPad. Finally, after long waiting, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the public in an event that was broadcasted live…from an iPhone. Apparently, Apple did not allow […]

HubSpot.TV (Review)

One of the more memorable event for me in Cambridge was attending the Hubspot.TV online show, and get a taste of what I like to call the number one Marketing Software company that invented Inbound Marketing, and redefined Marketing entirely. The work atmosphere at Hubspot offices is something I have never experienced before. I felt […]

Restaurant Review: Finale Desserterie & Bakery (Cambridge, MA)

Our next and final stop after the Indian Restaurant, was Finale Desserterie and Bakery in Cambridge. Finale is a place we always associate more with good memories with friends and family,  than with its delicious desserts. We used to go there so often, that by now we are familiar with most of their wonderful desserts. […]

Restaurant Review: Tamarind Bay (Cambridge, MA)

Saturday night we decided to explore some Indian food, and the first place that came to mind was Tamarind Bay in Cambridge. Irm dined in the place a few times, so we decided to follow her advice The restaurant is very small, and located at the basement level. There is something about small restaurants that […]

Restaurant Review: Saray Turkish Restaurant (Boston)

It became a tradition for us to eat at Saray Turkish Restaurant every time we visit Boston. Dimitri, Irm and I ate there last night, and as always were very satisfied with the quality and the authenticity of the food. For appetizers, we had some homemade (really homemade) hot hummus covered with sauté pine-nuts and […]

Random Thoughts+Heading to Boston+Watching Hubspot.TV LIVE!

This post covers some thoughts that I needed to put in writing (for future reference). If you follow me on Facebook/Twitter, you probably noticed a new status update that keeps appearing in your newsfeed, one that comes with a map and a location attached to it. I am using a new service from Foursquare, which is […]

Impersonal Customer Relationship (ICR)

Smart marketers have long realized that choosing an Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) approaches over a Traditional Marketing  approach, yields more leads and sales to their business. It is also understood that pursuing this type of approach, especially in SMM, entails a change in the way marketers ought to think and act. One of […]

When A Traditional Marketing Analyst Speaks [Opinion]

As part of my morning reading routine, I came across an interesting article about the new Google phone, Nexus One. I will not go into details about what this article covered (you can read it yourself when you are done with this post), but I would like to quote one part of this article that […]

My New Year’s Resolutions (2009-2010)

2009 was a great year for me. I set a few crucial goals to help my career, and I am happy I managed to fulfill them all.  I was promoted at my current job, twice, which is always a good thing :) I developed myself professionally, and literally met hundreds of people through my social […]

The Future Is Already The Past (2010 Prediction)

It will be presumptuous of me to attempt and predict what 2010 will look like to Social Media Marketers, developers, and ordinary Social Media users such as my wife. When looking at how rapidly the year 2009 changed the way Marketers engaged their customers, and the way Social Media Marketing literally changed everyone’s lives, I […]