What NOT To Learn From President Hugo Chavez On Twitter

There is a funny story for you:  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is on Twitter. Now there is another funny story for you: He intends to take over Twitter, and become the most “followed” Twitterian. Frankly, I do not really care for Chavez’s new ambitious social media goals (good luck by the way, he has about 4.7 […]

Steve Blank’s Lecture (Slideshow)

I watched a great lecture today by Steve Blank, and needed to post his slides on my website to share with the readers of this Blog. You can watch the full lecture here, and also view the slides below. Very insightful. Why accountants don’t run startups sllc View more presentations from steve blank. Tweet

Typing In Gibberish That Anyone Can Understand

This post is mainly for people that type in languages other than english (like Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, etc). Ask yourself this: How many times did you find yourself traveling around the world, getting into an Internet Cafe house and type something like this: “Shalom, Ani Karega Be Ztirich, Ve Ani nehene meod” To any of […]

Facebook Goes Social, And It’s Taking Your Information With It

Facebook announced this week about a few major changes to their social media service.  I am still a novice to most of these changes (too many of them), but one change in particular grabbed my attention and that is the “What your friends can share about you through applications and website” privacy feature. According to […]

Twitter New Promoted Tweets Platform (Opinion)

The new Twitter Ads platform is nothing more than another traditional marketing tactic that enters the social media sphere. What does it entail: Beside making your twitter experience an unpleasant one, you will start to see Tweets promoted by Twitter partner advertisers (see example below). In other words, annoying ads will interrupt the stream of […]