Restaurant Review: El Sham

Ever since Irm and I moved to Princeton NJ more than three years ago we always looked for a good middle eastern restaurant in our area. After trying numerous places, we failed to find anything that resembled to what we ate in our  favorite restaurant in Boston, or some of the amazing Arab restaurants we tried when we […]

The Return of The Mac

Today was a very exciting day to all Mac geeks out there. As you probably heard, Apple held a very exciting event today titled Back To The Mac Event. Too many things were happening today, so I thought of writing them down just for a future personal reference, but feel free to keep on reading […]

An iPhone Travels To Space (Homemade Video)

This is truly amazing on so many levels. Mainly though, kudos to the father who took the time to instill the skills of innovating and adventuring in his son’s mind at such a young age. In fact, he even started a website titled Brooklyn Space Program(more cool videos there) dedicated to this topic. Other parents should […]

An Inspiring Video: Steve Jobs

This 50 minute video is a set of interviews with friends, former colleagues, and business associates who reveal the many layers of the intensely private Steve Jobs – his style of leadership, management and creative process. I found this video to be very inspiring, mainly because of Steve’s rare talent to innovate, but also because of […]

How To: Promote Yourself Without Annoying Your Users

Promotion in the Outbound realm can be very complicated and tiring. First, you need to approve a budget, lots of money if possible to get the best TV time to annoy your audience. Outsourcing, of course, is also an important component when promoting in the Outbound Marketing realm. You need to hire an advertising company to […]

Restaurant Review: Ajihei (Japanese)

Last night we decided to (finally) try Ajihei, a Japanese restaurant located in Princeton, NJ. I’v heard and read many good reviews about this place, and finally I decided to investigate what people rave about so much. The Food Though expensive in comparison to what’s around, it is not without merit. This is the ultimate sushi […]