7 Points To Remember on How To Grow Your Email List

Hubspot has started a great weekly marketing cast where they present insightful videos by no other than David Meerman Scott. Today’s video is titled “how to grow your email list?” These are the seven points on how to grow your email list: Email list = people giving you permission to communicate with them It is […]

The Only Presentation You Need To Understand Social Media

Dan Zerrella of Hubspot is known for using science to explain Social Media. The Science of Social Media is probably the best presentation ever created that covers all (literally) aspects of social media. It is probably the only Slideshare presentation you will ever need to understand social media. It has lots of valuable data that covers online […]

Internet Marketing Budget For Small Businesses in 2011 (Data)

I read a very interesting article today that revealed some very insightful data regarding the way small businesses (1000 employees or less) are planning to use their marketing budget this year (2011). The data was collected by Zoomerang, an online service that provides sophisticated functionality and professional survey solutions to thousands of organizations around the […]

All Engineers Die And Go To Heaven?

I write a lot about Marketing, but today I am taking a break to post a joke I read that was posted by my good friend, Isabelle. So there you go: “An engineer dies and go to Heaven. He is met at the pearly gates and denied entry. He protests that all engineers go to […]

Email Marketing: What is Your Strategy?

I read a very interesting article about Email Marketing today, and of all the many great tips it explained this video really caught my attention. Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact, gave a great 3 minutes interview that really emphasizes the mistakes marketers do when developing and executing an email marketing strategy. After watching this video, […]

The Power of A Thought Leader to Your Website

How powerful promotion by a “thought leader” is to your website? Very powerful! The other day a friend, who is also a thought leader in the inbound marketing realm, decided to promote one of the articles I wrote a few days ago. She liked the content in it, and decided to share it with fellow […]

Facebook’s New Messaging System, It’s Not an Email

Facebook is rolling out its new Messaging System (MS), and it insists that it is not email. I agree. What does it offer? First, the system has no ‘subject’, no ‘cc’ and no ‘bcc’. The idea is to make it feel like a “conversation on crack”. It has a feature that is called “the social inbox. […]

A Great Article With a Wow Factor

I have read some great articles by Rand Fishkin before, and I normally do not write about them or promote them on this website, but this one was so good that I had to share it. It is titled Launching a New Website: 18 Steps to Successful Metrics & Marketing, and it definitely gets a thumb up. […]

Plagiarism + Blogging= CopyScape

Remember this formula: Plagiarism + Blogging= The End of Your Blogging Career.  There is no forgiveness for plagiarism, none. The moment you get caught, you can kiss your blogging career goodbye, give up writing, and watch your analytics numbers go down the toilet. If you are a small business owner, my advice to you is […]

Do The BiG Blue Test, on World Diabetes Day

I post this video because it is important. Because it can save someone’s life. Because it is the least I can do to promote November 14. Because I am hoping you will do the same. Each view on Youtube can save a child’s life. Each view = donation. Won’t you watch? (clicking on the image will […]

Coconut Battery, Monitor Your Mac Battery

If you are a Mac user keep reading, you might find this post useful. If you are not, keep reading, chances are you will convert at some point in your life :) I came across this great app today titled Coconut Battery. This cool app shows you live information about your battery such as how […]

Social Media is Bullsh*t (Great Slide Show)

Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing at Hubspot, wrote a great article the other day titled Why Social Media is BS, and  I thought it will be important to share some of his slides with you. Often time Inbound Marketers focus solely on social media to promote their business, that they forget that it is only a drop in the ocean called […]

Manage Your Blog Images Better With Wylio

photo © 2005 Annais Ferreira | This is absolutely a brilliant idea! If you blog, you know that finding and adding pictures to your blog post can be a tedious process. It starts with a search on Flickr Creative Commons copyright friendly image, followed by some size adjustments so the image can fit your blog, and continued with attributing back […]