The Science of Social Media (VIDEO)

Dan Zarrella, a social media scientist at Hubspot, gives a profound lecture about the science of social media. I watched the full hour video, and I have to admit that the information Dan is sharing is absolutely outstanding and a must watch by every Marketer. So, get your coffee and snacks and watch the video below. […]

Social Media Solutions: How to Better Monitor your Facebook Page

There is something to be said about Facebook pages. They allow businesses to establish relationships with their audience, and help increase sales. With that said, there is something that I always felt was missing in Facebook pages, and that is the ability for administrators to be notified via email if someone engaged their FB page. Wouldn’t it […]

How to Suck as an Interviewer During a Marketing Interview

Your company is growing, and as the marketing director you decide that it is time to hire an online marketing manager to provide Internet Marketing solutions to your webpage and online community. The idea you have in mind is, obviously, to increase sales, but also to improve your SEO and engage the online community by […]

5 TED Videos Every Marketer Should Watch

I read this interesting post today on the Hubspot marketing blog that made me want to share these videos with you. The original post suggested 13 videos, but I picked only 5 that I thought were quite interesting. You can watch the rest by reading the 13 must watch marketing TED presentations on their blog. You don’t […]

R.I.P Bill Zeller. His Last 4000 Words Suicide Note

I didn’t know Bill Zeller personally, but I have seen him numerous times at Princeton University Fitness Center. A quiet guy, never really struck me as someone who will take his own life (but that’s always the case, isn’t it?). According to The Daily Princetonian, ” Zeller, a graduate student in the computer science department at Princeton […]

Ford’s CEO Gets it!

This is an excellent interview with Ford’s CEO, Alan Mually, that took place at this year CES conference held in Las Vegas. What I liked the most about this video is Mr. Mually’s understanding of what consumers want. Social Media, electric car, voice recognition, you name it. The brand new 2012 Ford Focus, for example, […]

Excellent Report On Shrinking Gap Between Different Generations Online

MarketingProfs has released a very interesting report today that illustrates the shrinking gap between generations when using the internet. The report is important for marketers using online strategies over traditional marketing, because it narrows down the number of tactics needed to reach each generation. For instance, an average of 94% of adults age 18+ are using […]