Excellent Article on How to Prepare a Used Mac for Sale

  I know I can ‘delicious’ this article, but instead I prefer sharing it on this site (for better access). With Apple’s new product launch (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc), the thought of selling my current MacBook Pro has crossed my mind. But how do I make sure I have all the data erased? The […]

How to Change your Camera Settings on a Mac

First, I want to thank Darrel Etherington for preparing this video. It is something I always tried to find out (In fact, just yesterday when I was preparing this Video), and now, thanks to Darrel’s post, I know how. The problem is something that most of us have faced in one way or another if […]

Negotiating, Istanbul Style

One of my favorite authors, Dan Ariely, is in Istanbul trying to negotiate a price in the Souk (the market in Arabic). The video is quite entertaining, and I am sure that at least some of you will find it interesting. Tweet