How Many People on Facebook Actually See Your Posts?

Have you ever wondered how many people see your posts on Facebook? Some researchers suggested that the number is around 10%, which means that if you have 100 friends on Facebook, 10 of them will actually see what you post.  Of course, there are many variables to include in this equation such as time of […]

Restaurant Review: Cross Culture, Princeton NJ

  Last Saturday Irm and I decided to pay a visit to a new Indian restaurant in town, Cross Culture. The place opened more than 6 months ago, but only now we got to know about it (hmm, bad marketing I guess). Let me jump to the food: For appetizers we ordered some vegetables samosas, which were […]

Middle East Revolution Analytics? Now on Your Screen!

We heard about Facebook Insights, Twitter analytics, Google analytics, and other great softwares that measure data. Al-Jazeera, the middle east largest news network, launched a Twitter dashboard that illustrates what is being tweeted about in 4 different countries that are currently going through an uprising/revolution (you decide). The data is quite amazing to watch, and truly […]

How Many People on This Earth Own a Tablet?

  I wrote about my indecisiveness vis-a-vis purchasing an iPad 2 yesterday, and today I read an article that made me feel somewhat good for not owning a Tablet yet. According to the statistics, only 0.3% of the Earth’s inhabitants owned a tablet at the end of 2010. That means 99.7% (of us) don’t own one. […]

Itai, You Ask, Are You Buying the New iPad2?

  If you know me well enough, you know that I love Apple products. I love gadgets, and I love the fact Apple keep introducing innovative products to the market, making its competitors trying to catch up (e.g, smart-phones, tablets, iPods, Apps, etc). I also like Apple’s quest to create a product that its audience […]

Facebook Consolidation Strategy

  It’s quite obvious by now, at least to me, what Facebook is trying to do. Consolidation. It started with Places, which competes with Foursquare. It continued with the new way we view and upload pictures, which you have to admit resembles to Flickr. We also have the new Messages system that’s competing with Google (gmail, Google […]