A Day From Hell

This is a long rant. The day in question was so hectic and frustrating that I had to put everything in writing so one day I can come back to this post and laugh. Last week Irm and I traveled to Cambridge, MA, on a business trip, and probably had the most hellish traveling experience […]

How to Detect a Liar

I know someone who I am sure is a liar. It drives me nuts because I am not the type of person who like to tell someone that he/she is a liar, and thus every time I speak to the person I strive to end the conversation before I decide to do something radical like telling […]

A Hidden Hummus Restaurant in Jerusalem

  I am writing this post mainly for future reference, but you are welcome to read and enjoy the slideshow at the end :) In the past 2 years or so, I developed this strong passion for eating Hummus. Hummus for me is not your typical supermarket container that you can get anywhere, but rather, […]