The Power of Brands (An Experiment)

Brands are fascinating. Some brands are so powerful, they impact almost every purchase decision we make in life. To put it to the test, I would like to run a small experiment with the readers of this blog to examine the affect brands have on our decisions. In the image below you will see two phones. One is […]

Bruce Lee, The Lost Interview (Video)

Bruce Lee wasn’t just a phenomenon martial artist, but also a great philosopher. The ‘the lost interview’ video, shown below, gives a glimpse into the mind of a great martial artist and philosopher. There is one quote  (starts at 15:35min) that is just astounding and transcendent, it never fails to have an impact on me. In 20 seconds it reveals an […]

Restaurant Review: The Istanbul Restaurant (North Brunswick, NJ)

  Last Saturday Irm and I, accompanied by our friend Poshak, dined at the Istanbul restaurant, a place recommended to us by our neighbors.  We arrived at the restaurant around 2:45PM, and had no problem finding a table. Since I was born and raised in a culture that is influenced by Middle Eastern cuisines, there are a few dishes […]