Changing Your Workout Routine. What You Need To Keep in Mind

As a rule of thumb you should change your workout routine every three to four months. You can choose various methods to go about it, methods such as: changing the number of reps (high versus low), changing exercises (bench press versus dumbbell press), changing days of the week that you work out, and doing HIT […]

Movie Review – Free Men

We watched an excellent movie last night titled “Free Men”. It is hard to describe it extensively without revealing all the twists in the plot so instead,  here is a short quote from a detailed review I found on the web: “Inspired by true stories,” as the opening credits claim, Free Men follows the travails of a young Algerian […]

Trip to Edinburgh – A Collection of Food Reviews

One of my true joys when I travel abroad is to walk around and experiment the local cuisine. Granted, I won’t try all types of food (for example fried spiders, or a bowl of stir fry worms don’t appeal to me :) ), but I do try to enjoy most dishes that the locals have […]

Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

  Last week we flew to Edinburgh, Scotland. Irm presented a paper at the BISA conference, so we decided to take this opportunity and turn it into a mini vacation. We ended up staying in Edinburgh for 5 nights, which proved to be enough time to explore all the tourist attractions the city has to […]