4 Reasons Why You Need To Buy The Inbound Marketing Book Today!

Inbound Marketing Book

I have waited for this book to get published for many months, and finally it got published last week with much excitement and anticipation on my part, which I am sure others who have been following Hubspot’s mission to educate and create the new generation of Inbound Marketers felt the same way.

It took me only three days to finish reading this book (and I probably could have finished reading it sooner, but I still had to go to work), but not because it was easy to read, but rather because it was very informative and captivating with plenty of invaluable inbound marketing information, strategies, examples, and To Do lists from Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan.

I am not planning to review the book in this post, but instead I plan to provide you with 4 reasons why you should buy the book today.

  1. This is the only book you will ever need: If you are new to Inbound Marketing, this book is definitely for you. If you have spent some time as an Inbound Marketer, but feel you need to put all this knowledge together, this book is for you. Either way, this is probably the only book you will need to get around the Inbound Marketsphere.
  2. You “owe” it to Hubspot: If you are one of over 800 Certified Inbound Marketers, you “owe” it to Hubspot to buy this book. I know I know, Inbound Marketing University was free, but wouldn’t it be nice to give something back to Hubspot for its effort pulling IMU together? This is your chance to show your appreciation.
  3. The best two guys in the Field: Let’s face it, Dharmesh and Halligan changed the way we think about Marketing. With their great devoted team at Hubspot they launched some of the greatest Inbound Marketing tools around, and always kept us ahead of the game with free webinars, blog posts, IMU classes, Hubspot TV, and much more. This is a lot of valuable content that is now turned into a book. It will only make sense to read it.
  4. It is not just ‘A’ book: It is not just a book; it is a dictionary that explains Inbound Marketing. When you decide to learn a new language, the first thing you buy is a dictionary. Inbound Marketing is a new language, and the Inbound Marketing Book is your new dictionary teaching you how to “speak” Inbound Marketing.

I neither work for Hubspot, not am I related in any shape or form. Having said this, I feel Hubspot has helped me discover the Inbound Marketer that was hiding inside me all these years. I am sure most of you feel the same way, which is why I chose to write this post, and remind you how it all started for us.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts about the book. I am sure it made some impact on you.

You can buy the book for the best price here.

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