7 Points To Remember on How To Grow Your Email List

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Hubspot has started a great weekly marketing cast where they present insightful videos by no other than David Meerman Scott.

Today’s video is titled “how to grow your email list?”

These are the seven points on how to grow your email list:

  1. Email list = people giving you permission to communicate with them
  2. It is not about how many net people are coming in, but it’s more about how many people you are losing.
  3. More sales email + taking advantage of people’s time = losing subscribers.
  4. You got to be providing something of value every single time you email somebody.
  5. Never promote a product more than one in ten emails
  6. Create content of tremendous value.
  7. Do not, do not, do NOT abuse the trust that people have given you.

Watch the 2 minutes video below to hear from the master himself.

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