A Brilliant Twitter List Creation and Management Tool (New Tool)


We all have our lists on Twitter that help us categorize the people we follow. We have the “people I like” list, the “colleagues” list, and even the “people I don’t trust” list. We have it all. To be honest, though, I never got into using these lists. I found them to be useless, even though I am sure many of you can find some functional use to using them. What I am interested in are lists that tell me who unfollowed me, or who did not follow back, or even users that match my own personality and interests. These, in my opinion, are much more powerful lists than the one we create manually on Twitter (Note: I totally agree that these lists can very useful to companies, but for my own use I rarely get to use them).

Introducing Formulists. Basically, the service  is a list creation and management tool that allows users to effortlessly generate dynamic and personalized Twitter lists that continuously self-update. The lists can be viewed or deleted from any Twitter client and will continue to self-update without the need to return to the Formulists website. Brilliant!

I am aware of the fact that there are many tools out there that can help you find followers who don’t follow back, or people who unfollowed you, etc. But, I have yet to come across a service that actually create these lists in your Twitter.

This service changes everything for me. It turns Twitter into more fun and dynamic experience, and allows me to manage my followers in a way that I could not do before. I really liked the fact you can find matched personalities, or even people who match other people you find interesting.

What  is your thought? Are you currently using the service?

Check the application in action below:

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