A Hidden Hummus Restaurant in Jerusalem

חומוס עיכרמאווי  Hummus AkherMaui
חומוס עיכרמאווי Hummus AkherMaui


I am writing this post mainly for future reference, but you are welcome to read and enjoy the slideshow at the end :)
In the past 2 years or so, I developed this strong passion for eating Hummus. Hummus for me is not your typical supermarket container that you can get anywhere, but rather, Hummus for me is something that you can only find in certain restaurants across the Middle East. Hummus for me is a family recipe that has been kept secret for generations, and can normally be found in small restaurants (as seen in the pictures below, almost a “hole” in the wall like we like to refer to it in Hebrew), hidden in small alleys only locals know of.

Although I am sure there are hundreds of places as such all over the Middle East (that I would LOVE to visit), I am going to write about one place, in Jerusalem, that is on my list of visiting. The name of the restaurant is Hummus AkherMaui (חומוס עיכרמאווי), and it opened its gates in 1952. It serves only hummus, and open very short hours (7:00AM-12:00PM), which is quite common for hummus restaurants.

This restaurant is definitely on my list of visiting. Irm and I love Middle Eastern restaurants, and I think this one will make a great memory.

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