All Engineers Die And Go To Heaven?

An Engineer Dies and Goes To Heaven
An Engineer Dies and Goes To Heaven

I write a lot about Marketing, but today I am taking a break to post a joke I read that was posted by my good friend, Isabelle.

So there you go:

“An engineer dies and go to Heaven. He is met at the pearly gates and denied entry. He protests that all engineers go to heaven, but he is still sent to hell. By this time satan has heard about his incoming engineer and meets him at the gates of hell. Satan takes the engineer to his office, gets some coffee and starts asking the engineer if he would make some changes to hell. The engineer agrees and proceeds to make hell a pretty nice place, air conditioning, swimming pools, condos etc. So one day satan is on the phone with god. God says, “I hear hell is becoming pretty nice. How did you do it”. Satan replies, “well since you sent me an engineer I made use of him”. God says, “engineer? all engineers go to heaven, you can’t have an engineer”. Satan chuckles, “well I got him and I’m keeping him”. God says, “you can’t keep him, I’ll sue”. Satan replies, “where are you going to get a lawyer”? ”

You can find the original link to the joke on the Reddit website.

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  • Mham

    Very funny! Although it compliments some in my family it isn’t so complimentary about others…

  • LOL, too funny… I’ll have to make sure my engineer husband reads this :-D

  • :)

  • Yes, you do that..:-)