An Education (Movie Review)

An Education
An Education

Irm and I  watched a very interesting movie last night titled An Education. It is very hard to write much about the movie without adding some spoilers, thus I will keep it short.

The story takes place in the 1960s, Jenny is a bright young schoolgirl quickly approaching her 17th birthday. Jenny’s parents have sacrificed much so that her schooling can get her into Oxford, with her doing everything from learning Latin to playing the Cello.

One day, having been caught in the rain, a much older man named David  helps Jenny get home. Jenny is rather impressed by David’s taste in music, as well as his maroon-colored Bristol, a very rare car.

This is where the movie starts taking interesting twists and turns, and it is also where I stop writing so I won’t ruin the movie for you.

I highly recommend watching the movie.

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