ARG vs. GER, Game Summary (#Worldcup)


Germany has just defeated Argentina in a game that will be remembered as personal talent vs. team effort. The latter part is very important as it will lead Germany to win Argentina an unprecedented score of 4-0!

I always said that if you want to win a game or two you need two or three super talented players on your team. However, if you want to win a tournament, such as the World Cup,  you need a well organized and assertive team.

Messi Tevez and Higuain are with no question some of the best players in the world today, but unfortunately for Argentina it was not enough against the well organized Germany. This young talented team showed the “stars” of Argentina that winning the “golden boot” will not win you a World Cup.

Diego Armando Maradona was an amazing player. I watched him play as a little kid growing up in the Middle East and, like many other kids, hoped that one day I will be just like him (I ended up as a goal keeper instead :-) ). But being a great player does not make a great coach. He actually wasn’t. You see, Diego understood that he had a very talented “wild” team and as a coach he decided to play “free style”. Simply, pass the ball to Messi or Tevez and expect  Higuain to score, or things to happen. This tactic was good against the not so organized teams, but when you reach a great team like Germany you get 4 goals in the back of the net.

It’s too bad for Argentina, but frankly I am very happy for Germany. It is a young team that is not afraid to show that they know how to play one of the greatest organized soccer I have seen in a long time.

My prediction: Germany goes all the way, and take the cup. What is yours?

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