Buy nuts in Singapore in Bulk

I’ve been looking for a place to buy nuts and fruits (raisins and dates) in Singapore for some time, and finally I came across a place named Garden Picks that offered great prices, and a vast selection of nuts and fruits. This is all nice and well, but one thing about Singapore that I haven’t gotten used to yet is how behind the country is when it comes to e-commerece. It’s actually quite surprising, to be honest, to see a country that is so advanced in tech, architecture, retail, etc, but still lacks up-to-date e-commerce regulations. This is why I am still a bit skeptical whenever I purchase something on a .sg website. Anyway, I decided to take my risk, and give this website a chance.

Garden Picks
Garden Picks

The process was smooth with no real blockers to slow it down. The package has been delivered by one of the employees that work for the company, which I thought was quite awesome. He actually called me on my cell just to confirm the hour that suits me best to receive the package. How cool is that?!

All the nuts and dates I bought were fresh, and stored in vacuumed bags. I definitely recommend this place if you live in Singapore and are looking to buy nuts in a reasonable price. Check out their website here.

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