The experience of buying a new car

Honda CRV

This weekend we finally bought our first new car, a Honda CR-V (see picture below). I like the CR-V for many good reasons,  and one of these reasons is the way it handles the road. Even though it is considered to be a SUV, it handles curvy roads as if it were a sedan. I am not going to detail the interior design, or the performance of the the car, but rather write my experience at the dealer. This is more of a self note post, so I apologize in advance if I  bored you.

There is one rule one needs to remember when he/she 1) enters the dealership to inquire about a newcar, and 2) when you actually come to collect your new car. The rule is simple: the dealer, the salesman, the mechanic, the general manager, the sales manager, the clerk, the secretary, and who ever I did not mention because I forgot their title, all of these people are NOT your friends. They have one objective in mind and that is to sale a car. They have nothing against you personally. All they care is to sell, and to make more money. Fair enough, it is a business after all.

Our salesman was actually a nice guy (really, they do exist!). His name is Subhash, an Indian descend person (probably in his early 60’s), who happened to click with Irm and I. He made the deal partially in English and partially in Urdu (Irm’s native language). He was more than accommodating on many occasions.

We  got a very good price for the car since one of our friends knows the owner, and asked him to be “nice” to us with the price. Bottom line, we received close to $3000 below the MSRP, which was pretty nice.

Since we dealt with a nice salesman to begin with (Subhash), I did not have to worry too much about sale tricks that he might pull on me. The real experience started when we drove there today (Subhash came and picked us up from our house) to pay for the car, and finalize all the financial and registration details.  Subhash explained to us all the final details, and after a good 30 minutes, he handed us to the finance manager who was in charge of closing all the financial details and collect the final check.

Now, when ever you hear a salesman telling you that a) he is on your side, b) he cares for your money, c) he really wants to make sure you are satisfied, d) he is going to make everything in his power to give you the best deal, and e) what he offers to you is the best deal in the last 10 years (that was my favorite one), SHUT YOUR EARS, and just say NO I AM NOT INTERESTED.

To cut a long story short, the guy tried to sell us a warranty that we already have! He insisted that it is a very good deal, and I might be missing. Finally, after 45 minutes of trying convincing me to buy the warranty policy (that already came with the car!), I told him nicely that I lack  to see the logic of buying something I already have. Plus, he broke the first rule I mentioned earlier, by saying to me that he is my friend. He is not!

Finally, we paid for the car, got the documents we needed and drove back home. The car drives great, and handle the curvy roads  very nicely (very important to  me).

Now all I have left is to buy a reliable GPS device.  If you can recommend a good GPS device, please do so by commenting.

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