MET-Rx Protein Shake Review

If you don’t consume any protein shakes to supplement your training, I suggest you skip this post. I write it mainly because I think it can help some readers of this blog save some money and also get a good product :). Over the past decade+ I ‘ve consumed many types of protein powders from […]

Strength Comes in All Shapes & Sizes

When I am not ‘playing’ with numbers and doing other maketing goodies, I enjoy coaching people in the gym. I say coaching because my training philosophy revolves around teaching trainees the proper technique and form of each exercise, and since most of the exercises my trainees follow (e.g. Deadlifts, squats, C&J, etc) involve simultaneously moving many muscle groups, technique and […]

Back Playing Basketball at 35. How to Stay Injury-Free.

So I am back playing basketball after 8 years of not shooting, dribbling, or even attempting to play. I devoted myself to weightlifting so much, that I completely neglected the game I used to spend hours practicing and playing with my friends in Israel/USA. The first thing I realized was how much out of game-shape […]

The 25 seconds HIIT Aerobic Program

This workout is intense, long, and very fun to complete (we all have different definitions to the word fun. Mine is sweat, lactic acid, and 160 bpm). The 25 seconds HIIT (High Intensity Intervals Training) program is based on the a “pyramid” of a “rest” time  period followed by a steady “work” time period of 25 seconds. […]

Chocolate Milk, My New Post Workout Meal

In the past week I have been experimenting with a new post workout meal, a combination of 1% chocolate milk and a bottle of 20oz gatorade. It turns out that low-fat chocolate milk happens to have an ideal ratio of carbohydrates to protein, making it an ideal post workout meal. Studies have shown that it is equal […]

High Intensity Interval Training- The Other Aerobic Workout

Not many people are familiar with the HIIT system of training (High Intensity Interval Training). Often time when I speak to people in the gym, I will hear them rave about their half marathon run (something that personally I couldn’t do because I find it too mundane), or the conventional 3 mile run on the […]