Twitter is Dead, Long Live Twitter!

Today was a very exciting day for all marketers around the world. Today was the day Twitter reinvented itself with a new design, updated its iPhone app AND launched (limited to a few companies) the most anticipated feature of the year: Twitter brand pages for businesses. I spent most of the day in NYC so I was late to […]

Google’s New Changes to SERP Do Work!

I finally had a chance to test google’s new changes to SERP with a blog post I wrote yesterday. I wanted to test how ‘fresh’ content that appears in SERP really is. I was taken aback. I typed “Pro HDR App”–the title I used for the blog post–in the search box 12 minutes after I […]

Where Should You Post Your Status?

Google+, Twitter, or maybe Facebook? How do you decide where to post your next status? I came across this funny, somewhat eye-tricking, image that I think gives the answer. I wouldn’t take it fully seriously, but it still provides (for us geeks) a good laugh. Check it out (click the image to view a larger […]

Google+ vs. Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Everyone Else (Review)

It is no secret that I love Google’s new addition to the social media realm. In case you are wondering, I am talking about Google+, the new contender in the social media arena. There are many reasons why I find it better than the others (namely, Facebook and Twitter), but mainly, Google+ is innovative and […]

Rand Fishkin Interview on Inbound Now TV Show

  If you are not watching the Inbound Now TV show, you are missing a lot of what’s happening in Inbound-land. I mean, a lot! On yesterday’s show, Rand Fishkin, who is considered by many in the Inbound marketing realm to be an expert in SEO, social media and Inbound marketing in general, provided some […]

Mobile Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind

  Mobile marketing is becoming a hot topic in the Inbound Marketing realm. According to an article published on Hubspot, 33% of companies have mobile marketing strategies, and 62% are planning to have one in the next 12 months. In addition, the article revealed that 82% plan to increase mobile marketing investment in the next […]

How Many People on Facebook Actually See Your Posts?

Have you ever wondered how many people see your posts on Facebook? Some researchers suggested that the number is around 10%, which means that if you have 100 friends on Facebook, 10 of them will actually see what you post.  Of course, there are many variables to include in this equation such as time of […]

Middle East Revolution Analytics? Now on Your Screen!

We heard about Facebook Insights, Twitter analytics, Google analytics, and other great softwares that measure data. Al-Jazeera, the middle east largest news network, launched a Twitter dashboard that illustrates what is being tweeted about in 4 different countries that are currently going through an uprising/revolution (you decide). The data is quite amazing to watch, and truly […]

Social Media Solutions: How to Better Monitor your Facebook Page

There is something to be said about Facebook pages. They allow businesses to establish relationships with their audience, and help increase sales. With that said, there is something that I always felt was missing in Facebook pages, and that is the ability for administrators to be notified via email if someone engaged their FB page. Wouldn’t it […]

Excellent Report On Shrinking Gap Between Different Generations Online

MarketingProfs has released a very interesting report today that illustrates the shrinking gap between generations when using the internet. The report is important for marketers using online strategies over traditional marketing, because it narrows down the number of tactics needed to reach each generation. For instance, an average of 94% of adults age 18+ are using […]

Generation Y+Facebook=A Couple Made in Heaven

I read a very interesting article the other day that presented some insightful data vis-á-vis the relationship between Generation Y and Facebook. According to the report, 81% of Generation Y (population group in the US born from somewhere around 1976 to around 2000.) uses Facebook on a daily basis. The data presented in the report is […]

The New Facebook Profile: Learn How, What, and Why(?)

What? The new facebook profile is up and running, and I have to say that I really like it. How? After you click to activate it, a new “About Me”-esque section will be added at the top of your profile, including information about where you work, where you went to school, where you live, etc. […]

7 Points To Remember on How To Grow Your Email List

Hubspot has started a great weekly marketing cast where they present insightful videos by no other than David Meerman Scott. Today’s video is titled “how to grow your email list?” These are the seven points on how to grow your email list: Email list = people giving you permission to communicate with them It is […]

The Only Presentation You Need To Understand Social Media

Dan Zerrella of Hubspot is known for using science to explain Social Media. The Science of Social Media is probably the best presentation ever created that covers all (literally) aspects of social media. It is probably the only Slideshare presentation you will ever need to understand social media. It has lots of valuable data that covers online […]

Internet Marketing Budget For Small Businesses in 2011 (Data)

I read a very interesting article today that revealed some very insightful data regarding the way small businesses (1000 employees or less) are planning to use their marketing budget this year (2011). The data was collected by Zoomerang, an online service that provides sophisticated functionality and professional survey solutions to thousands of organizations around the […]