Pro HDR App (Review)

  The new iPhone 4S is known for its great camera ( 8 megapixle resolution, f/2.4 apature, improved backside illumination sensor, excellent auto white balance, advanced color accuracy, face detection, and reduced motion blur), but in order to take a picture that will include all these great features you need ‘something’ that will give you […]

iKeyboard, A Better Way to Type on iPad

Sometimes, the simplest solution can mean the most innovative one. The iKeyboard, developed by Cliff Thier, certainly falls under the category for being innovative. The product is not for sell yet. It’s under what is called the ‘Kickstarter’ stage, a stage where backers pledge a dollar or more to the project and if there are […]

How to Change your Camera Settings on a Mac

First, I want to thank Darrel Etherington for preparing this video. It is something I always tried to find out (In fact, just yesterday when I was preparing this Video), and now, thanks to Darrel’s post, I know how. The problem is something that most of us have faced in one way or another if […]

Ford’s CEO Gets it!

This is an excellent interview with Ford’s CEO, Alan Mually, that took place at this year CES conference held in Las Vegas. What I liked the most about this video is Mr. Mually’s understanding of what consumers want. Social Media, electric car, voice recognition, you name it. The brand new 2012 Ford Focus, for example, […]

Coconut Battery, Monitor Your Mac Battery

If you are a Mac user keep reading, you might find this post useful. If you are not, keep reading, chances are you will convert at some point in your life :) I came across this great app today titled Coconut Battery. This cool app shows you live information about your battery such as how […]

The Return of The Mac

Today was a very exciting day to all Mac geeks out there. As you probably heard, Apple held a very exciting event today titled Back To The Mac Event. Too many things were happening today, so I thought of writing them down just for a future personal reference, but feel free to keep on reading […]

An iPhone Travels To Space (Homemade Video)

This is truly amazing on so many levels. Mainly though, kudos to the father who took the time to instill the skills of innovating and adventuring in his son’s mind at such a young age. In fact, he even started a website titled Brooklyn Space Program(more cool videos there) dedicated to this topic. Other parents should […]

An Innovative Social News iPad App: Flipboard

If you have a iPad, you might want to take a look at this FREE innovative new app (iTune link). In brief, Flipboard turns your Facebook and Twitter account into something that looks like a magazine. Instead of scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed, you now can read it as if you were reading Times magazine. You should […]

One More Reason Why I want to Get The iPhone 4

The movie below was filmed and edited entirely on the iPhone 4! Putting aside the fact that I find the quality of the video much better than the Flip camera, the ability to edit the entire movie directly on the iPhone with the iMovie app puts it ahead of the competition. I am not just […]

YouTube Adds A VuvuZela Button!

If you are like most people in the free world, you probably heard of the Soccer World Cup that is taking place in South Africa this year. And, if you have happened to watch at least one game during this World Cup, you must have heard the annoying sound of the Vuvuzela, a 65cm plastic […]

Typing In Gibberish That Anyone Can Understand

This post is mainly for people that type in languages other than english (like Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, etc). Ask yourself this: How many times did you find yourself traveling around the world, getting into an Internet Cafe house and type something like this: “Shalom, Ani Karega Be Ztirich, Ve Ani nehene meod” To any of […]

The “Flip” (Product Review)

The Flip is a small camcorder that let’s you film 1 to 2 hours (depending on the model) of high definition digital video. No software needed , no cables needed, and no irritating experience…hmm, I doubt the latter if you are a PC owner (thank god I am not). I read a lot about the “Flip” […]

The “Square”

I am very excited about the “arrival” of the Square. It was announced today on both Mashable and Techcrunch, and I truly see it changing the way we do business, and more importantly how convenient the process of online purchasing will turn into. Ironically, in the past week I processed a few thoughts about the […]

Mac vs. PC, an Inbound Marketing Purchase Experience

I am finally back to writing after a very long period (for me anyway)of 10 days without a computer. The only way I could communicate with the outside social media world is by using my iPod touch, which was not fun at all (especially in the morning when I go through my RSS reading). I […]

Google Voice

I have been wanting to Blog about this last week, but I needed some time to test it a little bit more before I could review it. Google Voice is GREAT! I love it.  Getting spam phone calls always get me mad, and Gvoice seems to be the perfect solution. What it does is simple, […]