Discovering How To Get RTs By Learning From A Bird!

Our Bird House

I was watching the New England Patriots game today (broke my heart again), and suddenly I was interrupted by a single tweet sound coming behind me. A bird (a cardinal to be specific) has just landed on our bird house, and was enjoying the wonderful sunflower seeds I filled the day before. Soon after, another tweet, and then another tweet, and 5 minutes into this saga I had a handful of colorful birds enjoying a delicious meal on our bird house.

Hmm, I thought to myself, how interesting. Real life tweets, my mind was thinking, are very much similar to Tweets we marketers “tweet” on Twitter. One bird came to the bird house, and tweeted something that has a value to other birds (in this case, food), soon after another bird showed up and Re-tweeted (RT) the message to another bird of her kind, and before I knew it they were all tweeting a symphony of tweets, which I can only guess meant “hey there is food”.

This is the lesson I take from this insightful experience: If you want your tweets to be Re-tweeted, you need to tweet something that has value to your followers. Just like in the case provided, one bird tweeted, and soon after others followed and Re-tweeted the same message: “Food”.

I found it interesting how similar this case is to real life.

Picture: Our bird house.

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