Email Marketing: What is Your Strategy?

Got Email Marketing?
Got Email Marketing?

I read a very interesting article about Email Marketing today, and of all the many great tips it explained this video really caught my attention. Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact, gave a great 3 minutes interview that really emphasizes the mistakes marketers do when developing and executing an email marketing strategy.

After watching this video, I thought that the solutions Gail provided apple also to Facebook fan pages, but I am curious to read what you think.

facebook comments:

  • “If your email is so long that people decide to come back to it, that’s the kiss of death.” So true!! When I think of the number of emails I still need to return to in my Inbox, those words really make sense. Another great find Itai!

  • She is a great speaker. She is also on the board of directors at hubspot, which is always a good thing :)
    What she said is brilliant. I would love to participate in one of her talks. I am sure she is full of knowledge.