Excellent Article on How to Prepare a Used Mac for Sale

Cool MacBook Sticker
Cool MacBook Sticker


I know I can ‘delicious’ this article, but instead I prefer sharing it on this site (for better access). With Apple’s new product launch (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc), the thought of selling my current MacBook Pro has crossed my mind. But how do I make sure I have all the data erased?

The article ‘How to Prepare a Used Mac for Sale” explains it beautifully.

BTW, the sticker in the picture is something I am thinking of ordering. The link is for future reference :)

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  • Good article, thanks for sharing. But … forget the article, it’s the sticker link I love most ;-))) Soo cool :)

  • I know, isn’t it? They have more than 60 pages of these stickers, and I am definitely getting one. I am not sure which one yet ;)