Exciting Part 2 of SMM Plan Is Taking Off

Stage 2 taking off
Taking Off
This week I launched Stage 2 of the Social Media Marketing (SMM) plan for  Stephens Fitness Center (SFC). It is an ambitious project that I am very excited about. Part 1 of the SMM plan was testing and creating different social media channels that will work with our community (more testing than creating). I ended up focusing on a Facebook fan page and a YouTube channel. Twitter, Flickr and other mainstream social media channels do not work for our business at this stage of the plan (for many reasons, but they will in the future), so I decided to narrow my options and focus only on nurturing these two channels.
The main goal of part 1 ( beside testing different SM channels) was to create awareness of SFC social media approach without “pushing” people to join. I wanted to present these channels as a place that people can log on and use as a hub for all the information and activities that take place in SFC. It worked.
Part 2, however,  is a more challenging stage of the SMM plan. It calls for creating creative content, interacting more with our community, delivering content once a week, producing videos, editing videos, meeting with different people, and repeating it week after week until the end of the year. It is a lot of work, but it is also very exciting and challenging.
What is Part 2?

As a staff member of Campus Recreation (part of Princeton University Athletics department), our mission is to serve the Princeton University community (students, faculty, staff) by keeping them physically active (we actually do much more than just that, I only use it broadly to save you some reading time :).
In part 2, then,  I will work on creating tutoring training videos presented by our best coaches (note: coaches, not trainers) to help our community lift and train smarter. Some of these coaches were part of the U.S Olympic team in different sports, so you can imagine the knowledge they bring to the table.
Why launch part 2?

Now that we have our community “fanning” us on Facebook, talking about our content across campus, and enjoy watching the movies we produced on YouTube, it is easier to promote our content, and have more people get involved in the project (mainly coaches who want to share their vast professional knowledge). I created a “buzz” around these videos for 3 months, promoting them in every channel possible (including a personal face to face channel), and finally I will get to see the first buds of all the hours I spent on developing this plan.
As I wrote in the beginning, I am very excited about this stage. I spent the entire past weekend creating the videos content plan for 2010, and I can tell you that it is going to rock!
You can fan us on Facebook, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when these videos will be available to watch (one of them is already out).

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