Facebook: A Kingdom On The Brink?


Earlier today I posted an article about Facebook, criticizing the new Privacy Settings (or lack of Privacy I should write) they recently forced on their users. You can read the article here, but briefly I suggested that Facebook might get into what I called a “Social Media Black Hole”.

In addition, I suggested that the timing is right for a new competitor to enter the social media arena, and challenge Facebook with a service that offers better privacy settings.

A few hours after I posted the article, three things happened that might actually helped vindicate my argument:

  1. There was an article published in the NY-Times about a new group of “nerds” that are working on the same “new company” I suggested in my article.
  2. Facebook called for an All Hands Down Meeting On Privacy” today at 4PM Pacific time.
  3. When I opened my privacy settings page on Facebook today I saw this (Click image to view):
Facebook Privacy
Facebook Privacy

I just thought that all these events were just one big coincidence, maybe, but more importantly it shows that Facebook might have realized its mistakes, and is planning to change them before it is too late.

Any thoughts?


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