Facebook, An Empire Destined To Fall

Facebook, An Empire Destined To Fall
Facebook, An Empire Destined To Fall

I never hid the fact that I enjoy using Facebook. In fact, I am active on Facebook more than I am active on any other social media service, including Twitter.

However, despite my likeness to using Facebook I am very disturbed and disappointed by Facebook’s latest privacy changes. They practically do not exist, and it takes a facebook guru to keep track with all the changes, and make sure my account is (somewhat) private.

I know at least one person who decided to abandon Facebook in order to “save” his privacy. It sounds funny, “saving your privacy”, but it is exactly what is happening with Facebook in case you did not notice.

This is how I see it: if I need to check the security/privacy settings every time I log on to Facebook just to make sure my personal data is not being used by a third party website, or worst, marketing companies, there is obviously something wrong with Facebook’s approach to my privacy.

Unfortunately, I do not see it changing anytime soon, or, and I dare to say, ever! Facebook is after our information, and there is no sign of it slowing down.

The way to look at it, there are a two factors that might force Facebook to change its new “Go Social, Open Graph” approach:

  1. They start losing lots of users (just like my friend) who have had it with the new policy.
  2. A competitor will rise and offer a facebook like service + guaranteed privacy policy.

The latter scenario is very much depended on the former scenario and vice versa, i.e., Facebook will start losing users when a new competitor will enter the social media arena, and a new competitor that offers new improved privacy settings can rise only if Facebook loses users because of its new social privacy.

I will leave you with this message: The Social Media world is very unforgiving. This means that Facebook might enter a ” Social Media Black Hole”, which is exactly what happened to services such as My Space. True, Facebook is “strong” enough to pull itself out of the “Black Hole”, but at what cost? It will be at the cost of losing many of its users during the process, and more importantly  losing their trust!

History taught us that all Empires are destined to fall at some point, is this the beginning of Facebook’s fall?

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this post, I read an interesting article that vindicated what I just wrote. You can find it here.


facebook comments:

  • Itai,

    I agree that Facebook and their assault on privacy is somewhat disturbing. I also think that the majority of people are not concerned. People under 20 today assume that everything they do is available to everyone and that’s ok. I know a lot of people with this same attitude. They assume that the government or credit card companies or somebody know all about them anyway, so what’s the big deal.

    Most people don’t want their SS# made public, but many things we think of as private are in fact public knowledge. Birth certificates, marriage licenses and sales, such as homes and cars are public records. Someone who does a little research can find out a lot about you even without Facebook making things public.

    I am not condoning nor do I agree with their behavior, but I wonder if there will be any major backlash. As you say, if people start leaving in droves, that will be what makes them change.

  • Ron,
    You are right to say that people under 20 today don’t really care (more like don’t really know enough about Identity theft) about revealing their information for all the reasons you mentioned. But, what about the people that are over 30, 40 and 50 who do care? I don’t have the information available at the moment, but I remember reading that the majority of Facebook users are in their 30s and 40s. Facebook’s attitude reminds me of a bully who says “hey, I am stronger, I owe you, you do what I say”. I really think there will be a boomerang effect to all these new privacy changes, one that will hit Facebook where it hurts the most…its users.

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