Facebook Consolidation Strategy

Facebook Consolidation
Facebook Consolidation


It’s quite obvious by now, at least to me, what Facebook is trying to do. Consolidation. It started with Places, which competes with Foursquare. It continued with the new way we view and upload pictures, which you have to admit resembles to Flickr. We also have the new Messages system that’s competing with Google (gmail, Google chat). Actually, Facebook rivalry with Google is quite an interesting one.

In addition, by focusing on their pages, Facebook created an algorithm that can search almost anything within the site. With so many Pages floating in the Facebook sphere, it is unlikely you won’t find what you were searching for. And, on top of all this, Facebook is also challenging Groupon by developing a service they call Facebook Deals.

It seems to me that Facebook is turning itself into a hub of services. From emails, to pictures, to messages, to coupons it is becoming what we all afraid to admit, a place we manage our socialmedia life. Though I admit that I am bit skeptical about their new emailing system, they seem to do a good job on the rest.

There are good reasons why Facebook is following this type of strategy. The main, and obvious, reason is that with over 600 million users it can, and should, do what ever they want. I don’t think that at this point anyone is going to stand up and quit Facebook. It was done in the past to no avail.

What is next? The way I see it the options are endless. Improving their Facebook Emailing system (right now it does not appeal to me). Turning Pages into a customized website (competing with WordPress, Blogger, etc). Creating a Webinar service, Facebook TV, or even a slideshare type service. A Facebook Calendar (with special tags for events) is also a great option, especially if turns out Facebook is planning to launch a Facebook Phone.  One thing is for sure, I don’t see Facebook stopping there. I see it growing to different channels neither of us even thought of. Similar to what Google and Apple did in the past (iPhone, Android, TV).

What do you think Facebook’s new move would be?

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