Facebook Goes Social, And It’s Taking Your Information With It

Facebook Is Acting Evil
Facebook Is Acting A Bit Evil

Facebook announced this week about a few major changes to their social media service.  I am still a novice to most of these changes (too many of them), but one change in particular grabbed my attention and that is the “What your friends can share about you through applications and website” privacy feature.

According to the description, your friends on Facebook, who visit a Facebook-enhanced application or website, will be able to share “certain” (read: ALL information, unless you change it) information about you to make the experience more social (this is, btw, Facebook’s new approach to their service. They want to be more “social”).
In other words, your personal information can be shared by your friends without you knowing about it, and without your permission. These are the guide steps to reverse this on your Facebook profile page:

Step 1
Go to Privacy Setting and click Application and Websites.

Privacy Settings (Click Image)
Privacy Settings (Click Image)

Step 2
Click the “What your friends can share about you” Edit Setting widget. .

Applications and Websites (Click Image)
Applications and Websites (Click Image)

Step 3:
Uncheck what ever information you are not willing to change. I unchecked almost all of them, with the exception of work, education, website, and notes.

What your friends can share (Click Image)
What your friends can share (Click Image)

Facebook played an unfair move with their decision to become “more social”. There is a fine line between going more Social, and exposing your information to other corporations, like Microsoft, Yelps, Docs.com, and of course thousands of applications.

What are  your thoughts about this move? Do you think Facebook’s move is ethical?

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