Facebook’s New Messaging System, It’s Not an Email

Facebook's New Messaging System
Facebook's New Messaging System

Facebook is rolling out its new Messaging System (MS), and it insists that it is not email. I agree.

What does it offer?

First, the system has no ‘subject’, no ‘cc’ and no ‘bcc’. The idea is to make it feel like a “conversation on crack”. It has a feature that is called “the social inbox. In a nutshell, when you check your facebook MS, all you will be able to see are messages from your friends (no spam, or solicited messages ). You can set your privacy setting to “only friends”, which allows only people you know to send you a message. By default, it will allow only friends and friends of friends to send you a message, but you still have control over it. You can literally turn it into a “do not email list” system.

Facebook’s MS offers a many more of options that you can watch in the Video below. The question remained, are we looking at the new “email killer? My guess is not. It seems that Facebook is focusing on the social part, which is smart since it is exactly what they are good at. Email is, and will be for years ahead, a huge part of our life, and I do not see Facebook changing it anytime soon. I think Facebook will do well with their new system as a social messaging board, but I certainly do not see it “killing” email.

What do you think?

facebook comments:

  • Great for the people to use Facebook a lot.

  • I do not use Facebook that much, And I need to check the emails from a lot of people not being part of my facebook’s friends lists.
    To me, I prefer to have all messages together, in my email inbox, otherwise, I need to check a lot of different sites/applications to check my messages.