FIFA Will Consider Using Video Technology?

FIFA Video Technology
FIFA Video Technology

FIFA President, Joseph S. Blatter, has announced today that the file on goal line technology will be reopen. According to Mr. Blatter, “…It is an ongoing process at FIFA and on my personal agenda. In October-November we will present a new model on how to improve high-level refereeing”.

I do see it as a welcomed step to the world of football because, in contrast to what other people think, these type of mistakes do affect the match, and has an immediate impact on the players mind. Sure, you can sit here and say that these are professional players, and that they should rise above it and just play the game. This might be true, but players are also human beings, and as such they do get affected by unfair decisions.

I watched both the ARG vs. MEX and the GER vs. ENG games, and even though both ARG and GER played better, I do believe that the game could have ended other than a defeat to both ENG and MEX.

What is your take on this decision? Would you like to see Video Technology (just like in the NBA and NFL) used during FIFA games?

I vote: Yes.

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  • Itai,

    I agree especially since every major sport uses this technology; basketball, hockey, tennis, American football, etc. Since the number of goals in a match are usually very low, one blown call means the difference between continuing on and going home. I think it is impractical to expect a few refs to be able to see everything clearly in real time. They do an admirable job, but when it comes to scoring or not scoring a goal, it’s time to rely on the technology if there is a doubt.

  • Ron,
    To be honest, I hope they will change it. The last few referee mistakes only proved how necessary this new technology is.
    I just hope they won’t have these type of mistakes during the net few games.