First Two Weeks Working at The @Hubsg (Reflecting)

The Hub Singapore Team
The Hub Singapore Team

Exhilarating. This is how I describe the feeling of working for The Hub Singapore. Frankly speaking, it’s beyond anything I had ever imagined. From the moment you step into the ‘office’ – which, by the way, is a big co-working space in a cafe –  to the moment you leave; from the place, the team, the Hubbers and the community, all exudes energy. And for a good reason too: The Hub Singapore is home to some of the most exciting Startups, people, and community of working individuals in Singapore! We are 500 strong, to be exact, and with plans to grow to a 1,000 by next year.

Prior to joining The Hub Singapore, I was looking for something that would give my hard work a meaning. I was tired of working in closed-minded environments (corporations) and needed a change. Most importantly, though, I needed a challenge! Not surprisingly, Startups was my first choice, but not just any Startup. I didn’t want to work for a tech Startup (unless its aim was to make the world a better place), which tends to focus on making money, since that wasn’t my intention, much less my motivation.

I’d applied to five Startups in Singapore before joining The Hub Singapore, was interviewed by all, and subsequently offered a position by all. Now here is the funny part: The Hub Singapore’s offer was the least appealing in monetary terms, but it was the only offer that gave me goose bumps! After a short conversation with our CEO, Grace Sai, I knew that this is what I wanted to do. When she offered me the position of CMO, I knew that it was time to embark on this challenge and that I was ready to navigate the ship.

What does it mean to be the CMO for a place that has no marketing strategy, per se, and no actual metrics or a marketing structure? Hmm, in one word: Challenging. And it is the challenging part that I liked most about this position. On the one hand, it makes my job much easier because I get to build everything from the ground up. But, on the other hand, it can be overwhelming as f**k because, well, building an entire Inbound marketing funnel is not an easy task when you are low on the most important asset: people. I work with the smartest people in Singapore, but I need more of them! I guess this is where creativity comes in place. And in this case, I’ll need plenty of it.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the concept of closed loop marketing, I don’t know what I would have done. A lot of you have asked me what needs to be done to make it a success story, and my answer is simple: Green is what we have, and red is what we don’t have.  My job is to turn red to green, the kind of challenge that keeps a smile on my face. Only after I have all the balls in place, so to say, I can start thinking about demand generation, lead generation…blah, blah, blah…and ultimately growth.


Closed Loop Marketing
Closed Loop Marketing


I’m going to conclude this post with a video that gives me goose bumps every time I watch it. I think it summarizes why I wake up with a smile every morning, why I’m happy to do what I do, and why I’m lucky to work with the most amazing team in Singapore.

Here is where I work, and this is what we do:


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  • bowzshow

    Hi Itai!
    I’m So happy for you my friend, this post is very inspiring!
    I’m Looking forward to hear more about your work, and your experience with the Hub Singapore.
    All the best. Boaz.

  • Thanks Boaz ;)