Ford’s CEO Gets it!

Ford and Innovation
Ford and Innovation

This is an excellent interview with Ford’s CEO, Alan Mually, that took place at this year CES conference held in Las Vegas. What I liked the most about this video is Mr. Mually’s understanding of what consumers want. Social Media, electric car, voice recognition, you name it. The brand new 2012 Ford Focus, for example, is all about innovation.  I always thought that innovation is the key to a success of any business. Innovation does not mean doing what your competitor is doing but better, not at all. Innovation means doing something completely different than what your competitor is doing. Something that will make people go “Whoa”.

I remember in business school when our professor asked us about the difference between innovation and creation, and how most of us had the wrong answer. Look at Apple for exmaple, and what other companies are doing to catch up. Why? Why chase someone you cannot catch? Sometimes going on a different direction, and focus on something completely different, completely innovative can be your best strategy to establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

There is no question Mr. Mually is a great salesman, but his passion and dedication to changing the way we look at vehicles is admirable in my opinion.

Check out this interview below he had with CrunchGear:

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