From A Diary of A SMM Manager: Creating A SMM Platform

SMM Diary
SMM Diary

The social media marketing platform I worked on for past three days is finally done. This post is mainly about my thoughts during the “building” process, a diary if you will of what I have done.

I spent an average of 12 hours a day working, thinking, developing and creating the SMM platform, and I really enjoyed every minute of it. The biggest challenge, in my opinion, one faces when creating such a platform is with the choices Social Media has to offer. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Social Media tools one can choose from, and the trick is to pick the right tools for your audience. It is very tempting to start with as many social media accounts as you can possibly think of, accounts such as Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and FriendFeed to name a few, but the question in mind is, do you really need it? Or, more importantly, can your audience be found in these channels?

I guess it really depends with the type of SMM platform you are trying to build. If you are doing something on a small scale, you are probably good with just 2-3 tools. However, if you are trying to target a large audience that is scattered over 7 continents, then you might want to think of a more strategic approach to SMM.

My experience was with the first option, the small scale option. I was trying to create a SMM platform to an audience that  A) I already know, b) is a “fixed” audience that shows up to the fitness center every day, C) part of generation Y, and D) is “hungry” and “thirsty” for a Social Media interaction.

We this information in mind, these are the channels I created:

Facebook Page

Blog Page (the main page is up, but the Blog is not operative yet)


Part of the reason it took so many hours to create is because I needed to link and optimize all these accounts. In other words, I needed to have a synergy between these accounts.

Creating a SMM platform is a relatively easy, but tedious, task. Operating and strategizing your marketing decisions is where the magic lies.

Have you ever created a SMM platform? Do you mind sharing your experience in the comments section?

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