Gmail & Facebook Integration (Extension Review)

Google Chrome is my favorite browser for many reasons. One of the main reason, though, is the ability to install Chrome Extensions that can make the experience of using the internet to a fun (and addicting) experience.

There are thousands of extensions available on the Chrome Extensions website, and many of them are worth mentioning. Today, however, I am only going to cover one extension that really turned my Gmail into a Social Media central command. The extension is named “Gmail Facebook Integration”, and can be found by clicking here.

This extension will allow you to see friends notifications and newsfeed updates by simply staying in your Gmail Inbox (see photo below, or click here to see full photo). Furthermore, it will allow you to update your Facebook statues and share links on your wall without, again, leaving your Inbox. With Google Buzz, Facebook and Twitter already in my Inbox, I now have total control over my Social Media channels (well, some of them). The extension is fairly easy to install. Once you download it, all you have to do is allow it to connect to your Facebook, and viola! You have Facebook in your Gmail (Note: it will only work if you are using Google Chrome as your browser).

I want to mention that the Extension is not perfect, and there are many Facebook features it does not support yet. But, for the purpose of checking newsfeed updates, commenting on friends status updates, and updating your status it actually does very well.

Click the image blow to see the full description:

Gmail Facebook Integration
Gmail Facebook Integration

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