Goodbye Princeton University, Hello

Today is my last day at work. Five years of working at Princeton University are coming to an end. I have been offered, and have accepted, a managerial position at the National Center for Learning Disabilities in NYC.  I am both excited and sad to leave. I feel sad because I am leaving behind a great group of colleagues with whom I connected, on both a professional level and a personal level. However, I feel excited because I will be joining an amazing team of talented people who are passionate about making a positive change in the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities.

My position will require the application of a vast spectrum of Inbound Marketing approaches. I will be a part of the online-marketing and engagement department and will be using methods such as SEO, content-creation, email-marketing, social media, lead-nurturing, and much more, to establish as a hub of information for parents, educators and children who seek information about Learning Disabilities. I always wanted to use my inbound marketing skills for a good cause, and now I get to do just that.

Of course, my new job will require me to commute to New York, with the help of NJ Transit rail system. I read, and heard, of all the horror stories about NJ Transit (stories such as standing all the way to NYC, delays, and whatnot), but I have also heard good accounts of NJ transit. I am hoping that my experience will contribute to the latter accounts and not the former.  I hope that using the early morning express trains will somehow reduce the chances of getting stuck inside a metal car with other angry commuters. Regardless what might be said about NJ transit, I think it will be a great way to catch up on my reading, unwind, or simply process ideas in my mind.

I am very excited about starting my new job tomorrow. There are a lot of challenges facing our team, but that’s what makes this opportunity so thrilling. This is particularly so since I am a person who thrives in a challenging environment!

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