Hectic Times

As our U.S chapter closes – marking the beginning of a new exciting chapter – I’m only now starting to realize how hectic the past two weeks have been for us. Between traveling to Atlanta, Boston, packing the content of the house, moving everything out, filling up a mountain of international-shipping paperwork,  thinking about 100 things I need to do and forgetting another 100 that will probably come to my mind after we leave, AND traveling to Canada for 5 days, I think it’s okay to say that I’m past being overwhelmed. The good news is: it’s almost over. Yesterday’s one day trip to Boston/Cambridge was very emotional for us. We always considered MA to be our home, and yesterday’s visit only showed us how much we actually missed this place. We took an 8am JetBlue flight from Newark airport that lasted only 32 minutes (the only way to travel to Boston from NYC, IMHO), and got to spend a few hours in some of the places we love the most. Here are some photos:   We returned home around midnight, only to wake up at 5am to make sure everything is ready for the ‘packers.’ I’m actually not sure how I managed to survive the last few weeks with so much lack of sleep, and so many things to do. I’m glad we picked the Allied service to pack our house; I don’t think I had the mental space to deal with this at this stage in my life. It took the team (of 3) about 5-6 hours to pack the entire house, which is impressive. Today they are coming to take everything away to the storage facility, and then ship everything to Singapore once we get our permanent address over there. Here are some photos: Untitled   What is next? A 5 day trip to Canada, which frankly I look forward to only so I can rest a bit, and forget the fact that in one week we’ll be moving our lives half way across the globe! While in Canada, I’ll finally get to do something I wasn’t able to do for a while: take photos! :). Working out, by the way, hasn’t been the same for the past month or so. I just couldn’t do it for more than twice a week. I’m hoping to get back on schedule after we land in our new home. More thoughts to come when I’m back from Canada….

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