HootSuite, product review

I started using HootSuite as my main Twitter tool, and I have to admit that I really like it. It did not take too much of my time to understand all of the features it offers, of which I find a plus since I have zero tolerance for incompetency when it comes to new services and products.

The service is easy to set, use, and understand, which is a good thing taking in consideration all of the innovative features it allows you to use. I especially appreciated how easy it was to add multiple accounts, and furthermore, how easy it is to manage these accounts. Innovation is a good thing, and HootSuite is certainly using it.

HootSuite gets 5 stars for using SM tools to educate their clients.  They do  so extensively by using YouTube tutorial videos to explain everything from setting your multiple accounts, to using different features.

Another good thing is that it is an online service, which mean that I did not have to download any “heavy” software to my hard drive.

In sum, I think HootSuite is a good free product (for now) for you to test. It is as easy as opening a Twitter account.

facebook comments:

  • As always Itai, you got right to the point! HootSuite is an easy to use and versatile Twitter tool. Nice of you to mention the easy training as well.

    I’m looking forward to your next post!


  • Thank you, Rena. I actually just found out about it from Dan Ronken (@DanRonken). Pretty interesting service, which I hope will not turn into a paying service (they were mentioning something about it).