Hotel Review: Mondrian Suites – Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

I realised that when you get to travel to the same city in high frequency over the course of one year, it helps to have a place that makes you feel comfortable. Comfort, to me, is defined not only by the quality of the mattress, but also by the service, location, staff, and room-amenities. As I began to travel so frequently since I started working for Impact Hub Co., I realised that I needed more than just a bed; I needed a place that can somehow mimic a home-like environment.

Normally when I travel it is usually for a period of two-three weeks, so for me it is crucial that the place offers more than just a bed and a desk. It needs to provide a little living room, a kitchenette, a comfortable shower, and of course a good mattress. Most hotels don’t offer this entire list, but the Mondrian Suites in Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin did, and then some. I promised myself to write a bit about my experience with them, so here we are : )

Mondrian Suites - Entrance
Mondrian Suites – Entrance


As I mentioned above, I get to travel a lot during the course of the year, and if there is one thing that gets to me every single time I check-in to hotels is the hour. Always at 3pm, and always with no exceptions. It can make you life hell if, for instance, your 22-hour flight lands at 6am and your first meeting starts at 11am. This same exact scenario happened to me on my last visit, and to my surprise when I arrived to the Mondrian Suites reception area at 7:30am, I was able to check-in immediately! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hug the receptionist at this point, or just stand on the table to scream “YES!”

In any case, this was a welcome change from all the other hotels I stayed in Berlin in the past. I actually managed to take a long hot shower, unpacked my suitcase, and get a set of fresh cloths on me.

Mondrian Suites - Reception area
Mondrian Suites – Reception area


The room was everything I expected it to be (from the website’s description). It had a nice kitchenette with a small fridge, a microwave, a small electric stove, a sink, plates, utensils, pots, and a small dining table. It also offered a nice small living-room where you can use to sit down to read the newspaper, check your emails, or simply get your feet up after a long day and relax. Most rooms (if not all) come with a nice small balcony. I personally didn’t use it, but if you are a smoker (I’m not), this will be your place of sanctuary. The showroom was spacious, and nice. The shower-head had great water pressure, and the towels felt soft and fluffy. The bed (oh the bed) was very comfortable. I suffer from back problems ever since my military days, so I’m very sensitive to bad mattresses. I must admit that I actually slept like a baby on their mattress, which can also be the fact I was dead tired from all the long meetings : ).


Mondrian Suites - Livingroom
Mondrian Suites – Livingroom
Mondrian Suites - Balcony
Mondrian Suites – Balcony



I’m not a big fan of big tourist locations. What I liked about the Mondrian Suites location is the fact that it was not in the heart of tourist-traffic, but close enough that you can walk to it (if needed). In addition, if you walk two blocks up Markgrafenstrasse, you will find excellent (semi hidden) restaurants. One in particular, entrecôte, left a good memory in my taste buds. Lastly, there is a big supermarket located right across the hotel, which is great because you get to stock up your fridge with healthy food (for long stays).


The staff was very helpful, and polite. Very young, and always willing to help with anything. I like it when the person helping you doesn’t try to be pretentious.

Overall, I think I found the hotel I’ll stay in on my next business trips to Berlin. It simply offers everything I need.

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    Hey, I not going to ly about it, just like you, I too love to be locat far of the mass. It gives you an opportunity to discover the “hided” places. Well written, Thanks!