How Many People on Facebook Actually See Your Posts?

Have you ever wondered how many people see your posts on Facebook? Some researchers suggested that the number is around 10%, which means that if you have 100 friends on Facebook, 10 of them will actually see what you post.  Of course, there are many variables to include in this equation such as time of the day, the day in the week, language, and believe it or not how social you are on Facebook. I am sure the latter will generate a number larger than 10%, but to keep it interesting let’s assume that 10% is the right number.

With this in mind, I decided to conduct a simple experiment and see if this number is actually true. I posted a simple message on my profile (see image below), and gave it 24 hours to make an impact. I figured 24 hours is enough time to let people in different time zones to see this message:

How Many People See Your Facebook Posts?
How Many People See Your Facebook Posts?

As you can see, I had 14 people who clicked like, and two people who commented which brought the total to 16 people. Percentage wise, this number represents about 6% of the total friends I have on Facebook. Taking in consideration that I have a large group of friends (almost half) who read only Hebrew, and some friends that are not even active on Facebook,  I am sure this number could have been higher than 6%, probably even 10%.

Why is it so important?

First, it is important because I think it gives an insight to the way Facebook algorithm (FA)works. All the friends who interacted with the post are people I personally interact with, which means that the way (and I totally guessing here) FA works is by analyzing the level of your interaction with your friends on Facebook. Simply put, the more people you interact with, the more people get to see what you write. If this is true, it can answer a very important question asked by all Facebook Administrators: ‘how to increase the number of impressions on Facebook pages?’

Try This:

  1. Post the same messages on your Facebook profile and see what you get.
  2. Start interacting with more people of Facebook Page (if applicable), and monitor the level of impressions. If it goes up, most likely my analysis is correct.


I am curious to see what you got. Share it in the comment section.

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