How to Detect a Liar

How to Detect a Liar
How to Detect a Liar

I know someone who I am sure is a liar. It drives me nuts because I am not the type of person who like to tell someone that he/she is a liar, and thus every time I speak to the person I strive to end the conversation before I decide to do something radical like telling the person that I think he is a LIAR!! Anyway, this morning there was an article in the Harvard Business Review blog (HBR) about people who lie, and how to detect them. I thought it was funny because I was about to start searching the topic myself, and here it was in my RSS feed this morning. Anyhow, that’s beside the point.

The article goes on and talk about different behavioral signals that help detect a liar:


Does the person seem uncomfortable about what he is saying? (Read the rest of the article)


Does the person withhold information or keeps the conversation vague when you ask for specific (read the rest of the article)


Is the person using data that’s suspect? (read the rest here)


The author of the article also provided two links that further elaborated on the topic:

The first link, how to spot a liar: identifying deceptive behavior, discusses these signals in a much deeper way, and shed some interesting light on the topic.

The second link, How does a person act when lying, shed light on some very interesting signals that help determine who is a liar and he is not. The signals are: Nervousness, anxiousness, defensiveness, and hyperactive.  All are very interesting to read about.

Back to the person I suspected was a liar, after reading all these articles I am 100% sure the person is the king of liars. In fact, I don’t even think he ever said something that wasn’t a lie out of his mouth. So annoying!

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