How To: Promote Yourself Without Annoying Your Users

Try This Way
Try This Way

Promotion in the Outbound realm can be very complicated and tiring. First, you need to approve a budget, lots of money if possible to get the best TV time to annoy your audience. Outsourcing, of course, is also an important component when promoting in the Outbound Marketing realm. You need to hire an advertising company to charge you with the thinking process, because god forbid it is not something you can do by yourself . Plenty of endless meetings after, a boss that keeps demanding more and more, a secretary that does not do his (not a typo) job, and a time frame that is impossible to achieve, you end up spending thousands of dollars on a 30 seconds commercial that is almost guaranteed to be switched, or muted. Why? Because nobody likes to be annoyed while watching TV, or listening to the Radio.

There must be another way of doing it, you ask yourself, a way that does not require an inflated budget, a deadline, a headache, and a frustrating outcome. There is a way, and it is called the Inbound Way.

You see, in the Inbound Marketing realm the rules are quite different than its “older brother” Outbound Marketing. In this world, you are allowed to be creative, and  you are also allowed to be entertaining and express how you really feel. In this world you do not need an inflated budget, heck, sometimes you don’t need a budget at all. Some of the services in this world are free to use by anyone.

It is really a fun world to live in, but before you jump in there are a few things you need to keep in mind: The first rule is, you cannot lie. Lying is forbidden in this world, and you can find yourself in deep trouble if you start lying to your users. The second rule is, spamming in a big no no in the Inbound Marketing realm. There are many ways to spam people, but only one way to gain their trust (hint: it is not spamming).

By sticking to these two simple rules, you can get your business closer to your users, gain their trust and eventually establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

The video below is a great example of how to use Inbound Marketing promotion the RIGHT way. It is entertaining, amusing, has plenty of call to actions, probably cost nothing to produce, and delivers the point. It is a great example of how to promote yourself/product without boring spamming and annoying your users.

You can order the book in the video here. I ordered it today after watching this video ;-)

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