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Social Media Cards
Social Media Cards

I can go ahead and rant all I want on how disappointed I am with Bluehost, the company that hosts my website, but this will only bore you. Instead, I want to use this opportunity to emphasize how wrongly Bluehost is using Social Media Marketing (SMM). I am being sarcastic of course, but allow me to enjoy the moment.

It all started about a week ago. I started having problems logging on to the wp-admin (WordPress control panel) almost every single day. At first I didn’t know what was going on, but when I tried to log on to the C-Panel (Bluehost main control panel), I noticed that it wasn’t working.

This happened around 8:00AM, which was a crucial time since I needed to publish a blog post and didn’t have time to wait (had to go to work). When I contacted Bluehost I was told that there is some kind of technical problem, and it should be fixed in the next few hours. This incident repeated itself almost every single day during the past week, which, understandably, increased my growing frustration with the company.

What are Bluehost mistakes?

Customer service is not just about picking up the phone, or chatting online to solve problems. Customer service in this day and age is also about connecting to your audience by using SMM. Two channels that come to mind are Twitter and Facebook.

Bluehost does have a Twitter  account, but they don’t keep it active. The last tweet was mentioned on Feb 24, which was also the first and only tweet the company tweeted! Also, they currently have 235 followers, but they only follow 2 back.

Bluehost also have a Facebook account, which , you guessed right, is not active. No messages, no interactions with clients, nothing.

(The images below show both their Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can see for yourself that they are not active. Click to enlarge the image).

To sum:

  1. They have social media channels, but they are not being social.
  2. They never followed any of the followers on their Twitter account.
  3. When a technical problem occurred, they never took the time to tweet about it, or apologize for it.
  4. They never responded to the hundreds of angry tweets that took place during this past week.
  5. They never fixed the problem, and if they did, they never announced it to their online audience.
  6. When you have 235 followers, you HAVE to follow them back.

The marketing tip:

If you are a company or a small business owner, you need to understand that jumping into the SMM water is barely enough . You must keep these channels active, and you constantly need to keep building relationship with your online audience. Remember, the secret ingredient in SMM is ENGAGEMENT!

Bluehost is not using its social media cards correctly, and its quite surprising coming from a company who claims to have the best customer service in the website hosting industry.

Do you use Bluehost? What do you think?

(Click to enlarge the images)

Bluehost Twitter Account
Bluehost Twitter Account
Bluehost Facebook Account
Bluehost Facebook Account

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